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The Lab

Practical Skills for Practicing Ayurvedic Professionals

The Lab is a skills lab approach to intricately examining, learning and advancing all the skills required to thrive as an Ayurvedic clinician. Whether you are a newly graduated student or practicing clinician, Ayurveda demands that we continue our education and training throughout our professional life. Just as a scientist dons his lab coat and rolls up his sleeves as he enters the lab, we too will take a vigorous and rigorous look at all the ways you can improve your skills and offerings to have the most active and sought after clinical practice in your community. When you thrive, Ayurveda thrives.

The Lab is a unique approach to ‘post-graduate’ education. It is, if you will, an Ayurvedic finishing school. The Lab provides hands-on Ayurvedic therapies and Panchakarma trainings, weekend intensives and 1:1 mentorship programs. After nearly 2 decades of full-time clinical and panchakarma practice, I am ready to step back and pass the torch of my vast experience to a new generation of practitioners.  Five years of gurukula study first, then professional education and training at CCA, ongoing studies and trainings with everyone from Dr. Svoboda and Shrestha to PK internhsips, advanced pulse training to running a clinic in India, initiation as Yogacharya in an ancient yoga lineage and dozens of students taught and trained over the years, have all led me to creating a new and dynamic way to offer post-graduate education excellence. When you thrive, Ayurveda thrives.


The Lab bridges the gaps, fills in the holes and provides you the hardcore skills you need to go forth confidently and competently. Teaching academics is what most programs do in America. Internship programs at a majority of the schools are just missing the mark for many reasons. As well, buckle your seatbelt, online education has failed you. The data is in and it doesn’t look good. College level all the way down to pre-school, the stats show that online learning has failed everyone, including you. Ayurveda, like all Vedic sciences require Sampradhya- chest to chest learning. One more feather ruffling factoid, every Vaidya I know in India who has a clinical practice or hospital, offers all the ayurvedic therapies and panchakarma……. and you should too!!!! If you’re not, your practice is incomplete. Have you run the numbers yet to determine how many diet and lifestyle consultations you require to pay all your bills? Is there ANY return on investment doing consultations alone?  I singlehandedly raised my kids on an ayurvedic salary because I had a full spectrum practice. Ayurvedic therapies were the cornerstone of my practice. With a built in repeat business and strong referral numbers, you too will see a JUMP in your income.  When you thrive, Ayurveda thrives.


The Lab launches in January 2024 with 2 programs:


  • ASPIRE AYURVEDA- 1:1 + group Mentorship. Aspire Ayurveda Mentorship gives you a weekly 1 hr. call with me to explore three main areas of practice I have identified as the most important legs to shore up and get your practice running like a well oiled machine. As well, every other week we have a group call with other experts in the field. Ayurvedic herbalists, Medical Astrologers, integrative medicine practitioners and more…….it’s a super dynamic learning environment!!! 



  • PANCHAKARMA 1 TRAINING- I teach PK in two modules. Module 1 teaches the foundational therapies you need to start offering Bliss Therapies, rejuvenation treatment packages and well, to start offering a more integrated approach to ayurvedic healing for your clients. The therapies do a lot of the ‘heavy-lifting’ to address many, many vikrutis. Accelerate their healing journey by offering these therapies in your practice.






                 Vashti : hrd, janu, kati 


You are expected to go home and start offering and practicing these therapies. PK2 requires it.


PK1: February 18-25, 2024



  • PANCHAKARMA 2: PK2 brings it all together with an actual PK client on the table. You will be expected to execute the therapies on the client you learned in PK1. We will prepare all the pk food and treatment materials for more therapies in the PK system I have honed over nearly 2 decades in the treatment room. This systems approach to healing deep seated/disordered neuroendocrine patterns (vata) as well as the dislodgment of stubborn, hard to reach ama and all forms of stagnation (kapha), and general lack of functional intelligence (pitta) is reversed. Time and time again, year after year, this method has proven to be the most thorough and effective PK offered in America. 


PK2 also integrates more therapies into the program:


Internal Basti

Pinda Swedhana

Netra Basti


PK food and treatment preparations with all recipes included


PK2: 8 DAY TRAINING- $3500.00




PK1 JUNE 4-11


PK2  OCT. 1-8


A second series will be offered to keep the teachings flowing in case you can’t begin the new year with a bang!





While your clients are away playing for the Summer, use this time wisely to continue your education and training. Concentrated skills labs include: 



      If ever there was an arena where it is imperative for you to shine, this is also the arena where most practitioners fail.

  • communication skills- have you fallen into a rut? A rut littered with cliches, colloquialisms, half-baked ideas and concepts, sanskritized jargon that no one understands?  Let’s work on making you sound like the professional you need to be to win over and RETAIN clients. Communicating your hard-earned knowledge in a way that makes it accessible to your clients is so so soooooooo important!

  • intake skills- are you asking ALL the right questions? Are you gathering ALL the information you need? Are you thinking like a detective to suss out all the guilty players in what ails your clients most? An effective treatment plan starts with a thorough initial intake. Are you ready to get sleuthy?


2.) Hands-on training intensives:


  • Bliss therapy training


  • Specialty therapy trainings: 




        and more……stay tuned. 


enter the lab and discover your best tools for success.

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