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Advanced PK training for Ayurveda Professionals


Advanced Panchakarma Training in India

“I have studied Ayurveda in India, and two different schools in America. I attended the Panchakarma Training at CCA and can unequivocally say, Wahneta’s Panchakarma Training is the gold standard. I can’t wait to learn more from her.”

V. Sutton



Advanced PK Training for Ayurvedic Professionals

Build a full-spectrum Ayurvedic practice that sustains you financially and addresses your clients' deepest needs

Dates and Location

2025 in India


Very limited spots

More details to come...

John Zullinger, Ayurvedic Practitioner

“The most integrative and concise hands-on training I have ever experienced! The combined professionalism, accountability, and care Wahneta brings to the table is simply unmatched! Wahneta teaches with disciplined precision instilling in you the necessary care and confidence for a sustainable practice grounded in ancient Ayurvedic theory. No other Panchakarma training is provided in real time with a real client in a practical lab. The setting embodied the environment of a full internship in a timely digestible dose--- I was beyond impressed! PK Training authenticated my bodywork, bridged the gap between clinical and hands-on Ayurved, provided me with immediate returns on my investment and was pure bliss for my patients and practice. A must for any serious ayurvedic bodyworker or physician.



wahneta trotter

  • I have 20 years of experience as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Panchakarma Specialist.​

  • I single-handedly raised my 2 kids on my Ayurveda income.

  • I never sent a newsletter or posted on socials for two decades (and still had a booked out practice and 6-month waiting list for Panchakarma).



Gurukula Study

5 years of Gurukula Study in US, as well as Gurukula PK programs in India

Advanced Training

Advanced Pulse Training to running a Center in India

Graduate of CCA

Professional education and training at California College of Ayurveda

Yogacharya Intitation

Initiation as Yogacharya in an ancient yoga lineage

Expert Mentors

Ongoing studies and trainings with everyone from Dr. Svoboda and Shrestha to PK internships

Experienced Mentor

Dozens of students taught and trained over the years

C.E., Doctor of Ayurveda

"Wahneta Trotter's Panchakarma Practicum stands out as an immersive exploration into the transformative power of Panchakarma, a cornerstone of Ayurvedic treatment. This program not only equips you with essential skills for setting up your office, preparing healing meals, and working directly with clients but also emphasizes the profound impact of Panchakarma in the realm of Ayurveda.


Under Wahneta's expert guidance, I gained an even deeper appreciation for the significance of Panchakarma, making this practicum an invaluable asset for anyone seeking to excel in the field of Ayurveda."

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