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mentorship for Ayurveda Practitioners


It's time to grow your Ayurvedic Practice

"Mentorship with Wahneta is priceless. She is a wealth of experience and wisdom.  In the modern practice of Ayurveda, it's important to have mentors as there is always more than what you learned in school. I value her as a pivotal teacher in my career, and I am so happy to be able to continue to discuss complex cases with her." 

Nisha Khanna MD

It is possible to have a thriving Ayurvedic practice.

Yet, many Ayurvedic Professionals are struggling to create a business that runs efficiently, supports their lifestyle and self-generates new business.


Schools in the US focus on academics, but many programs lack the rigorous internship training, mentorship, and business acumen that’s needed to sustain a successful practice. 

That’s why so many students graduate feeling lost and confused. You’re not alone if you experience…​

Clients ghosting you after your initial session

Meeting with clients for follow-ups and hearing things like, “I don’t have time” “I’m too busy” “That was too hard”

Struggling to help potential new clients overcome their uncertainty to try something new

You don’t keep clients long enough to gather successful data and feedback

Client attrition as a major issue

You’re starting to believe people aren’t committed, or prefer Western medicine, or maybe just can’t afford to continue.

But the truth is…you’ve just never been taught how to generate and retain clients!




Hybrid 1:1 + group mentorship for Ayurveda Professionals

Together, we’ll build repeat business and strong referral numbers, so you can see a JUMP in your income

Weekly Mentoring Calls

Weekly 60-minute mentorship calls to explore three main areas of practice.

Expert-led Group Calls

Bi-monthly group calls with experts in the field of Ayurveda, Vedic Sciences, and more. Experts like...

  • Rich Fisher

  • Esther Seegers

  • Rachel Murphy

  • David Crow

  • Dr. Vanishree Aithal

Client Intake Skills

Learn how to create better initial intake with clients.

Advanced Treatment Plans

Learn how to write better treatment plans and how to pivot when what you have already recommended isn't working (without losing your client in the process).

Client Compliance

Learn how and when to incorporate therapies to empower success and follow through with clients.

Communication Training

Learn how to communicate, in clear language, the concepts of ayurveda and custom treatment plans.


January 8th - April 8th, 2024


Only 5 Spots available



Mary Thompson, Ayurvedic Educator

“I truly can’t say enough about how needed and necessary this is - and how incredibly qualified Wahneta Trotter is to be leading this movement. We have been friends and colleagues for over 20 years - and I know her knowledge, experience and integrity is at the highest level. Contact wahneta if you want more tools to build your practice and life!”



wahneta trotter

  • I have 20 years of experience as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Panchakarma Specialist.​

  • I single-handedly raised my 2 kids on my Ayurveda income.

  • I never sent a newsletter or posted on socials for two decades (and still had a booked out practice and 6-month waiting list for Panchakarma).



Gurukula Study

5 years gurukula study in America, as well as Gurukula PK programs in India

Advanced Training

Advanced Pulse Training to running a Center in India

Graduate of CCA

Professional education and training at California College of Ayurveda

Yogacharya Intitation

Initiation as Yogacharya in an ancient yoga lineage

Expert Mentors

Ongoing studies and trainings with everyone from Dr. Svoboda and Shrestha to PK internships

Experienced Mentor

Dozens of students taught and trained over the years

Why Aspire Ayurveda is for both new and 
experienced practitioners

I get it. You've already spent thousands of dollars, and you're ready to start building your practice.

But the fact of the matter is…starting without confidence in the foundation of your studies coupled with minimal practical skills could erode your potential for growth.

  • Happy/healed clients are the best (free) source of marketing. If your clients aren't talking about how much they love you, they're secretly telling people to stay away.

  • It's more difficult to dismantle a business structure that isn't supportive of your financial needs than it is to assemble a structure that's sustainable from the get-go.

  • People's health is always the #1 priority. If your clients don't feel confident in your skills, you will experience massive client attrition. Developing therapeutic trust is the #1 priority in practice.

What if, instead, your experience looked like this…
  • Instead of figuring it all out yourself, you had experts with decades of clinical experience helping you establish and grow your business.

  • You could take on complex client cases with confidence because you have mentors to support you and help ensure positive client outcomes. 

  • Rather than feeling burnt out and disappointed, your practice becomes a source of wealth, support and inspiration for you.

C.E., Doctor of Ayurveda

Wahneta Trotter's mentorship style is nurturing and empowering. She creates a supportive learning environment where questions are not just welcomed but encouraged. Her passion for Ayurveda is infectious, inspiring me to delve deeper into this ancient science.

I wholeheartedly recommend Wahneta Trotter's Ayurvedic Clinical Mentorship Program to anyone seeking a comprehensive skills while starting an practice or for an established practitioner. It's not just a program; it's a transformative experience that will undoubtedly shape your path in Ayurvedic practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 / Are there payment plans available?

No, the mentorship requires an upfront investment of $1500.

2 / Is this mentorship done online?

Yes, you can receive mentorship from anywhere. All sessions are done via Zoom.

3 / Who are some of the guest experts that will be sharing?

We have such a good line-up! Here are some: Rich Fisher, Esther Seegers, Rachel Murphy, David Crow, Dr. Vanishree Aithal, etc.

4 / Will this help me if I'm new to Ayurveda?

100%! This mentorship is for both new and experienced practitioners, as many internships don't cover the material I teach during the mentorship.

5 / Will this help me if I've been practicing Ayurveda for a long time?

Also yes! Great practitioners are always learning, studying, and growing. I've had many, many mentors over my two decades of practice, and I always find mentorship invaluable for both my business and my clinical expertise. In fact, many of the students who have gone through this program before have been Ayurveda Doctors, certified in multiple modalities, or obtained both Western and Ayurvedic degrees. You're not alone.

6 / I'm not sure now is the right often do you run the mentorship?

I only run the mentorship program twice a year, and there are extremely limited spots. If you're considering at all, I highly recommend applying.

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