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Pancha Karma is one of the most important ‘sciences’ of Ayurveda. To describe it as a deep tissue cleansing AND rejuvenation process, is true, and yet does not begin to address how truly life changing the entire process is.


Having specialized in Pancha Karma for many years now, I can attest to its capacity to correct imbalances, reverse disease, rebuild weak immune systems and reverse the effects of premature aging from chronically stressful lifestyles and over-exposure to environmental toxic pathogens. Pancha Karma is the single most powerful anti-aging and systemic balancing systems I have ever encountered.

Benefits of Pancha Karma

While PK is billed as a cleansing protocol, it is actually the most important rejuvenation therapy, as it stimulates massive cellular turnover, rebuilds healthy bodily tissues by re-booting digestive capacity, and ultimately replenishes your cup of Ojas to the brim.

alleviate all excess dosha

rebuild deficient dosha

be one of the most effective purification techniques in the world

correct digestion

remove metabolic waste from the digestive system, tissues and channels

provide space to address, heal and integrate undigested emotions and experiences


My approach, from a functional standpoint, is to disarm the nervous system, disengage the endocrine system, disinfect the liver and dislodge ama from the digestive tract and disrupt the advancement of disease in the body and mind.

Only once this process has been completed do we begin to re-unite the nervous system and endocrine system to work synergistically from a wholesome, healed and stabilized place. I have learned over the years that if the nervous and endocrine systems are functioning together harmoniously, all healing is possible. Conversely, if stuck in the fire alarm stage 24/7, as many people now are, true healing is simply unattainable.

Pancha Karma is generally a 21 day process. This process begins well in advance of the actual in-house work to determine what pathologies we are dealing with- whether or not there is a diagnosed or undiagnosed condition.


Once the client is deemed ready to embark of this deep journey, an at-home cleanse and purge is executed. Following this guided process is a 7 day in-house treatment protocol to begin the deep tissue work, doshic balancing, nervous system reboot…….and so much more.


This 7 day process is truly life changing. In this intimate environment, deeper work is encouraged to let go of all forms of ama, or toxic waste Once the pancha karma is completed, client goes home to re-establish the foundation of good health-daily routines, rest, and any specific recommendations. Each day or two you will re-introduce a new food group as digestive fire grows and stabilizes. Both bodily tissues and, finally, Ojas are re-built and true, deep vitality and joy restored.

Is Panchakarma for you?

If you are ready for Pancha Karma, contact me to schedule an introduction call to assess your needs and how I may best assist you.

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