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An Introduction to the Ayurvedic Consultation

An Ayurvedic consultation begins with a thorough client history, an in-depth pulse and tongue diagnosis, and a routine physical and health assessment.  Your initial consultation includes two appointments – in the first we take your medical history, and in the second you receive a Report of Findings.  Consider this report to be your navigation tool back to the Self.

Report of Findings

Your Report of Findings includes:

  • your Ayurvedic constitutional type, or Dosha,

  • the nature and cause of your imbalances, and

  • a Treatment Plan to bring you back to your own specific/inherent state of balance


Your Treatment Plan

Ayurveda has within its system some of the most profound rejuvenation therapies and cleanse therapies which can be used in context to your specific needs. The recommendations outlined in your treatment plan may include:

  • diet and lifestyle modifications,

  • yoga,

  • Meditation,

  • chroma therapy

  • aroma therapy

  • custom herbal therapies

  • Rasayana, also called Rejuvenation Therapies

  • Cleanse Therapies

  • Pancha Karma


Custom Herbal Therapies

As a part of your healing protocols, custom blended ayurvedic herbal formulas will be created for you. Always organically grown,, these medicines are blended specific to your condition, state of your Agni and Ojas and will change over the course of time as less is required the healthier you become. 

Learn more about the Rejuvenation Therapies

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