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Full Scope PK2 training for Ayurveda Professionals


Give your clients a full-spectrum experience

“I have studied Ayurveda in India, and two different schools in America. I attended the Panchakarma Training at CCA and can unequivocally say, Wahneta’s Panchakarma Training is the gold standard. I can’t wait to learn more from her.”

V. Sutton


Your clients are looking for a full spectrum Ayurvedic experience.

Yet most practitioners do not have a full spectrum practice or the experience and confidence to adequately lead clients through massive health shifts.

Every Vaidya I know in India who has a clinical practice or hospital, offers all the ayurvedic therapies and panchakarma... and you should too!!!!

If you don't, your practice is incomplete.

An incomplete practice is more challenging to sustain. Have you run the numbers yet to determine how many diet and lifestyle consultations you require to pay all your bills? Is there ANY return on investment doing consultations alone?

Your clients are craving in-person experiences and choosing the practitioners who have a space to practice out of. When entrusted with the care of a person's health crisis, you must provide the most professional experience possible. That includes having an actual office to help your clients open up and trust you and the full scope of services you can offer them.

Client attrition and compliance are huge issues within the industry, and getting clients on the table improves substantially improves retention and compliance rates. When you get your clients on the table and they can FEEL the results before even making any diet or lifestyle changes, they are more likely to stay committed to the process and your recommendations.

Offering Panchakarma, Rejuvenation Therapies, Cleansing Therapies, and the many combinations you will learn is the KEY to attracting and sustaining a client base who trusts you, sends more clients your way, and continues to work with you.



PK II Full Scope Training
for Ayurvedic Professionals

Build a full-spectrum Ayurvedic practice that sustains you financially and addresses your clients' deepest needs

Bliss Therapy Training

Learn how to perform the following:

  • Purva Karma

  • Internal Basti

  • Pinda Swedhana

  • Netra Basti

  • Udvartana

  • PK food and treatment preparations with all recipes included

Hands-On Approach

Practice not just on other students, but on real-life clients, so you can learn real-world application of the PK knowledge.

Advanced PK lessons

PK2 brings it all together with an actual PK client on the table. You will be expected to execute the therapies on the client you learned in PK1. We will prepare all the pk food and treatment materials for more therapies in the PK system I have honed over nearly 2 decades in the treatment room.

Rejuvenation Treatment Packages

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapies reverse depletion, exhaustion and weakness due to Asatmya: lifestyle and diet choices not supporting the physiology, mind, nervous system and soul. Well defined and executed therapies ignite a stronger immunological response previously extinguished by the effects of long term disease, disharmony and distress. 

Advanced Mentorship

Learn from a mentor with two decades of clinical experience and specialization in leading Panchakarma in America.

Deep Healing for your Clients

This systems approach to healing deep seated/disordered neuroendocrine patterns (vata) as well as the dislodgment of stubborn, hard to reach ama and all forms of stagnation (kapha), and general lack of functional intelligence (pitta) is reversed. Time and time again, year after year, this method has proven to be the most thorough and effective PK offered in America. 

Dates and Location

October 19 - 26, 2024 in Austin, TX


Only 6 Spots available



John Zullinger, Ayurvedic Practitioner

“The most integrative and concise hands-on training I have ever experienced! The combined professionalism, accountability, and care Wahneta brings to the table is simply unmatched! Wahneta teaches with disciplined precision instilling in you the necessary care and confidence for a sustainable practice grounded in ancient Ayurvedic theory. No other Panchakarma training is provided in real time with a real client in a practical lab. The setting embodied the environment of a full internship in a timely digestible dose--- I was beyond impressed! PK Training authenticated my bodywork, bridged the gap between clinical and hands-on Ayurved, provided me with immediate returns on my investment and was pure bliss for my patients and practice. A must for any serious ayurvedic bodyworker or physician.



wahneta trotter

  • I have 20 years of experience as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Panchakarma Specialist.​

  • I single-handedly raised my 2 kids on my Ayurveda income.

  • I never sent a newsletter or posted on socials for two decades (and still had a booked out practice and 6-month waiting list for Panchakarma).



Gurukula Study

5 years of Gurukula Study in US, as well as Gurukula PK programs in India

Advanced Training

Advanced Pulse Training to running a Center in India

Graduate of CCA

Professional education and training at California College of Ayurveda

Yogacharya Intitation

Initiation as Yogacharya in an ancient yoga lineage

Expert Mentors

Ongoing studies and trainings with everyone from Dr. Svoboda and Shrestha to PK internships

Experienced Mentor

Dozens of students taught and trained over the years

Why Panchakarma Training gives you the quickest ROI you can have as an Ayurvedic Professional

I get it. You've already spent thousands of dollars, and you're ready to start building your practice. Why add PK?

It's one of the single most important Ayurvedic protocols you can offer your clients, and after completing roughly 3 PKs, you've made your money back from the training.

Not only are new clients interested in this protocol, because many of them need it (I've had a 6-month waiting list for years, so I know this firsthand), but repeat clients seek the unique support and profound outcomes year after year, once they've had their initial successful experience.

Not to mention, the amount of skills you learn during PK training...


→ Bliss Therapy (globally renowned therapy + most frequently requested and word of mouth referrals)

→ Shodhana Chikitsa combinations

→ Rasayana Chikitsa combinations

→ Medicine Making

→ Food Preparation

→ How to manage and skillfully support each client

→ Communication skills

→ Time management and clinic organization you invaluable insight and diversity of skills to help your clients heal that you simply did not have before.

My personal favorite ROI is the feeling I have when I'm able to help my clients access profound and deeper INNER transformations.

There is nothing more miraculous than bearing witness to the process of PK as the client transforms and heals each and every day, LITERALLY, under your own hands.

C.E., Doctor of Ayurveda

"Wahneta Trotter's Panchakarma Practicum stands out as an immersive exploration into the transformative power of Panchakarma, a cornerstone of Ayurvedic treatment. This program not only equips you with essential skills for setting up your office, preparing healing meals, and working directly with clients but also emphasizes the profound impact of Panchakarma in the realm of Ayurveda.


Under Wahneta's expert guidance, I gained an even deeper appreciation for the significance of Panchakarma, making this practicum an invaluable asset for anyone seeking to excel in the field of Ayurveda."

Frequently Asked Questions

1 / Are there payment plans available?

No, the training requires an upfront investment.

2 / Is this training done online?

No, the training takes place in person.

3 / Will I be able to lead a PK after PK II training?

Yes! After this training, you will have learned all of the foundational practices, essential therapies, and food and treatment preparations, as well as all 3 phases of Panchakarma. 

4 / Do I need prior Ayurveda experience?

You either need to be a student of Ayurveda who has already taken the Panchakarma chapter in school or are already an Ayurvedic Professional. You also need to have taken PK1 training. If you are a massage therapist and want to learn Bliss Therapies, that is a separate training. Contact me for more info.

5 / Will this help me if I've been practicing Ayurveda for a long time?

Absolutely. Adding Panchakarma to your practice will allow you to offer full-spectrum services to your clients, which often increases your revenue, client compliance, AND client retention.

6 / I'm not sure now is the right often do you run the training?

I only run the PK training twice a year.

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